WHO ARE WE: The Salvation Army has been involved with social ministry to one degree or another during its long history and here at the Halifax Centre of Hope , Anchorage Program we continue this work.

The Anchorage Addictions Program, a 6 (six) month in-house abstinence based program, follows a Community Reinforcement Approach (CRA).  Clients within this program will learn a variety of resources and strategies designed to support in their recovery.  Some of these include;

-Identifying potential challenges to recovery

-Developing more healthy and positive lifestyles

-Coping strategies and how they support recovery

-Cognitive restructuring

-Behavior modification

-How to enhance positive qualities most people already possess

The Anchorage program also contains a spiritual component which is mandatory for all clients.  Chapel services are held five days a week and chaplaincy services are available throughout your time in the Anchorage program.  Additionally a weekly spirituality group session for our clients is facilitated by the Chaplain.

Other important aspects of the Anchorage Program include;

-Clients remain with us for the duration of the program and are housed on a secure floor of the Halifax Centre of Hope

-Programming is delivered both on site as well as within the city as we access supports available to the program through Capital Health and the Department of Mental Health and Addictions.

-During the intake interview clients are advised of all house rules, mandatory programming components, expectations from clinical staff as well as what they may expect as part of the programming.

-The Anchorage team will also conduct random drug and alcohol testing as well as random room searches.


Applications for the Anchorage Program are received from a variety of resources; self-referral, withdrawal management as well as from corrections.  It is for this reason that protocols and procedures have been established and assist us in effectively evaluating applications and supporting those who access our program on their journey of recovery from addiction.

Clients must be 19 years of age to be considered for the Anchorage program. In order to be accepted into the program candidates must demonstrate the motivation to make changes and a commitment to stop using drugs and/or alcohol.  In addition, candidates must be drug and alcohol free for a period of 72 hours before being admitted into the Anchorage program. Upon completion of screening tools the clinical team will review the application and make a decision regarding a client’s suitability for the program.  The candidate will then be contacted if accepted and a move-in date will be confirmed with the client.  Upon entering the program the candidate will be screened for drug and alcohol use.  This will be done using urine screening and alcohol swab tests.

Additonally established procedures and house rules are in place within the program and the Centre of Hope to ensure compliance with our expectations as well as the safety of clients and staff both within the Anchorage Program and the Centre of Hope.

Those clients entering the program via corrections will be subject to additional policies and procedures, which will be presented and discussed during the interview stage of the application process.


The Anchorage programs, as well as the Centre of Hope, serve people from many different cultural and religious backgrounds.  We promote an atmosphere in which all are welcome and differences are celebrated.  Bigotry and discrimination in any fashion are not acceptable!  It is expected that no one (residents, staff, volunteers and/or visitors) will engage in any behaviors that are derogatory and/or insulting to any group or individual.  Comments, jokes, remarks, gestures that are racist, sexist, homophobic and/or denigrating towarad an individual(s) and/or group(s) are unacceptable and will not be tolerated.

Respect for individuals whether they are clients, staff or others living within the Centre of Hope, is a foundational pillar of the Anchorage Program and to the Halifax Centre of Hope as a whole.

You will get as much out of the program as you put in.  Staff and peers will be very supportive in your journey forward, however no one will work harder than you to achieve and maintain success in your recovery program. The decision to accept you into the program will be made by a committee, however, “doing what it takes to succeed depends solely on you!”

Applications for the Anchorage Program can be obtained by a variety of options;

-Click on the icon at the right to access and complete an online form requesting information about the Anchorage Program  or

-Drop into the Halifax Centre of Hope located at 2044 Gottingen Street, Halifax and ask for an application which can be completed on site or returned upon completion.